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Forum Publishing Affiliate Program

One of the fastest growing segments in the marketplace today are business books and information. Quite simply, everyone wants to learn how to start, expand, or increase their business. Forum Publishing has been servicing the business-to-business market since 1981 and invites you to share in our growth and expansion.

One of the most noticeable differences between our Program and any others on the market is that with us you really can make money. You will be selling books that people want. BOOKS – not reports, pamphlets, or stale, outdated, or poorly printed booklets that have been around since the beginning of time. Let’s face it – if there is no market for your product, then you simply won’t make any money – no matter how high the commissions you are being offered! The lines that you will be offering are from some of the country’s leading publishing houses. Titles that SELL!

We at Forum Publishing have been fortunate over the last two decades that we have been in business. We have developed excellent contacts with leading book suppliers across the country like Wiley & Sons, McGraw-Hill, Random House, Gale Research, Self Counsel, Nolo and many others. The incredible selection of titles, coupled with popular pricing, a successful marketing program and generous commissions makes our program quite unique.

This dealership opportunity has been a long time coming! After careful research and testing we are now ready to roll out our national Distributor Program. It enables participants to operate via the internet, space ads, and printed catalogs.


It’s easy to become an affiliate! To join us you must first register ($99 $49 fee for the first year, $49 for each subsequent year). Once you are a registered Affiliate Dealer you will receive 25% commissions on all orders generated by your marketing. Each Affiliate Dealer receives their own unique identification code, which allows us to track all visits and orders from the internet, as well as sales made through catalog marketing. Affiliates are given custom links (URLs) to your own website onto ours. It is easy to do and you can start earn money directly by recommending your visitors to shop at Forum Publishing.

In addition, all agents receive the following services free of charge:

Affiliates are notified by email every time an order is placed where you earn commission.

Live information on our website with the number of unique visitors, orders, and a summary of your commission together with the history of earlier payments.

Access to banners to place on your website (requires design work, for which a fee is charged).

The possibility to link directly to a product or a category.

Customer Support and Service to ensure the profitability of your new venture.

“Books For Your Business” printed catalogs will be available at additional charge for Affiliates wishing to market through traditional printed catalogs. Mailing lists and other promotional materials will be made available to all interested Affiliates.

Affiliates will receive newsletters from Forum Publishing which are designed to assist in marketing the program. Additionally, special offerings will be presented on a regular basis to Affiliates offering opportunities for Affiliates to stock titles at discounts of up to 500%!

Forum Publishing Affiliate Program – Annual Renewal

Forum Publishing Affiliate Program