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Latin America Trade Directory

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“Below factory prices on thousands of items. Mexico: leather goods, saddles, crocodile and leather, Mexican serapes & sombreros, palm tree hats, hampers, wrought iron lamps, hand-painted/rustic furniture. Tequila, coffee liquors, earthenware & clay tiles, Terra Cotta goods, cotton clothing & underwear, cowboy boots, sandals, acoustic guitars, silver jewelry, turquoise, paper mache, castanets, flutes, coffee beans, wines, peppers, cactus fruit, and tropical fruits. Brazil: air conditioners, appliances, ceramics, blankets, rugs, leather clothing & accessories, rustic gems & hand-crafted jewelry, dried fruits & nuts.. Chile: rain sticks, clay flutes, pan-pipes, furniture-pine & eucalyptus, suede & sheepskin goods, auto accessories, rosehip cosmetics, paprika, herbal teas, red & white wines, , scallops, crab, sea urchins. Panama: crystal ware, porcelain, hand made hats, Panama hats, tequila straw hats, musical instruments, silver . Ecuador: carvings, handcrafts, fine furniture in Tillo wood, coffee & cocoa beans, bananas, and tropical fruits.”

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