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1,200 Tips For Coming Out On Top

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I love this gigantic 653-page book! In fact, we bought the publishers entire inventory after I read it! You will learn smart strategies for everything from buying a house or case, asking for a raise, hiring a plumber, trimming your bills, fighting traffic tickets and hundreds of other instances! If this book could fit in my pocket, I’d bring it everywhere with me! There are sections about your health, money, taxes, lifestyle. Gotten burned in a bad deal? This book shows you how to get satisfaction. Once you have this book you will find yourself referring to it on a daily basis, and BEFORE you make ANY deal. I just saved 30% on a major appliance I just bought, thanks to this book. Now, I’m going to start reading about college admissions to help my daughter with her application. THIS is absolutely Forum’s pick for best title!

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